had between them overstretched imperial resources

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    "Justinian’s reign also saw an outbreak of plague, and much of the Eastern Empire was to fall in to Arab hands in the 630s. The suggestion is often raised, therefore, that the plague and conquests had between them overstretched imperial resources."

    I read this in a book on European history, and here the author is talking about the Byzantine Empire. I'm not quite sure what does "had between them..." mean?
    Does it mean that
    a) there is some kind of relation between the plague and the conquests (which is the overstretched imperial resources)
    or b) both the plague and conquests have resulted in overstretched imperial resources?
    something else?

    Thanks for answering!
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    It means b). They had each contributed to the strain on resources. Between them could be replaced by together.
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    Either plague or the extensive conquests might have been manageable for the empire, but the combination of both together was too much of a strain on imperial resources.
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    'Between' is often used in such situations, e.g. Between them they have 5 children. This means that we do not know how many children each one has - it may be 1:4, 2:3, 3:2 or 4:1 (or even 0:5 and 5:0 :D ). similarly, in your example, we do not know if plague and contests overstretched imperial resources separately, but we know that together they did. We do not know to what extent they overstretched the resources separately.

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