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  1. nikita.sun New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello, is it right to say "had sent"?
    For example, "i had sent you and email..."

    And "have had sent"?

    Actually i think that the right thing is to use "have sent", but now i'm doubting a lot.

  2. St. Nick Senior Member

    Yes, but it depends on the intended tense:

    "I had sent you an email but hadn't had time to phone you." El pretérito perfecto

    "I have sent you an email but haven't had time to phone you." El presente perfecto
  3. kbck777 Senior Member

    American English
    yup. Its perfectly fine to say either one, but they do have different meanings as St. Nick said:
    I had sent you an email: te lo había enviado a el correo electrónico
    I have sent you an email: te lo he enviado a el correo electrónico.
  4. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay

    Va alguna corrección.

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