had to draw him out

  • Franco-filly

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    Pull or drag would be the best options here. "Tug" means a quick pull which would not fit this context.
    Although "draw" can mean "drag," "Drawing someone out" can mean "Encouraging them to be more confident, or to confide in you." so, again, does not fit the context.

    Uncle Jack

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    "Pull" is the obvious choice, or "drag" if you had to pull rather harder (perhaps he was unconscious). "Draw" is rather a formal or old-fashioned word for the situation, and tug generally suggests a short sharp pull (or a series of short sharp pulls); alternatively it is used for a very strong force indeed.

    All of the verbs are possible though.


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    Draw him out is also an idiom for getting a shy or reluctant person to speak.

    Manfredo was unwilling to say who pushed him into the pool. However later we sat in my office and I was able to draw him out a little. He told me about being bullied by the older kids.


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    From a pool I would say "pull", from a river, lake or ocean where there is a beach, you might "drag".
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