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  1. marchstorm New Member

    usa / english.
    How do I say...
    I love hail storms. or someting along those lines.. !!??? please.;)
  2. Hi!

    I see nobody still tried answering this thread. You see, we really don't experience hailstorm in the Philippines. We only have the wet and dry season, that is, Rainy days and Summer. =)

    We have tag-ulan (rainy season) and tag-tuyot (summer).

    I am not a native tagalog speaker so please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Pinyot Member

    The closest thing the Philippines has to a hailstorm is a storm.

    Storm - bagyo
    Hailstorm - pag-ulan ng yelo

    I love hail storms.
    Gustong-gusto ko ang pag-ulan ng yelo.

    Gusto - like
    Gustong-gusto - extremely like, like very much
    Mahal - love (affection)
    Ko - I/me
    Ang - the
    Pag-ulan - rain (verb)
    Ng - of
    Yelo - ice

    Gustong-gusto(love) + ko(I) - I love
    Ang(the) + pag-ulan(rain) + ng(of) +yelo(ice) - The rain of ice - hailstorm

    Gustong-gusto ko(I love) + ang pag-ulan ng yelo(the rain of ice) = I love hailstorms.

    Hope this helps.
  4. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    hailstorm= pagbagsak ng buo-buong/batong yelo!

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