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    I have a question about the name of a hairstyle in Chinese (one that I saw in a museum today). In English, I think of it as a "1950s men's hairstyle" (not to say that it isn't still worn today). One's hair is parted from one side or the other (or the "corners of one head", if there were ones), opposed to being combed forward or from the middle.

    I've heard the Chinese name for it a few times but can't remember what it is exactly. Something about 二八__? (plus a third character, I believe), since one's hair is parted so that 20% is on the side and the other 80% goes the other way. I think it is/was also a popular hairstyle in China, especially among the older generation.

    Would anyone know what this is called?

  2. Beta White New Member

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    I think it's called "偏分“ in Chinese, not very sure, cos I can't open your photo URL. There is another hairstyle called"中分” in Chinese, which means one's hair is parted from the middle, and all the others whose hair is parted from one side can be called"偏分“
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    二八開 might be the word that you are looking for
  4. yuechu Senior Member

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    I think it was indeed "二八开". Thanks, Beta and phill84, for your replies!
  5. belle88

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    Perhaps "二八开"

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