Halal bărbat!

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    Usually used in an ironic way, tongue in cheek, to mean the exact opposite - but it's very dependent on context: Halal bărbat! -> What a great man... NOT! It can be used in a laudative although somewhat archaic way too: Halal de bărbatul care poartă cravată -> Kudos to the man who wears a tie.


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    :thumbsup: Turkish, right.

    We also have the noun hal used with negative connotations: În ce hal arăți / ești!
    Meaning that 'you are looking really bad' or 'you are such a mess'.

    In a way, it's so weird because the noun fel comes the exact opposite to this word in similar contexts.

    În ce fel arată casa! or similar to the context of the thread: Halal casă!
    Meaning that the house looks great.

    It's very likely that 'halal' could undergo clipping and a change in meaning, but I don't know.
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