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  1. ch01_kelly

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    Hello everybody....!

    I came across "half-arse" a couple of times and I could never find a translation for it in any dictionary.

    He gave me a half-arse smile before walking out that door.

    Maybe BE natives can help with this because, as far as I understand, it is an expression used in the UK.

    Thank you in advance for teaching me something new.....

  2. K.u.r.t Senior Member

    London, UK
    I understand it as "not a sincere smile". a smile that isn't really a smile
  3. sarcie Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    As far as I know, the expression is "half-arsed" and is a synonym of half-hearted or unenthusiastic.

    It might be insincere, or the person might just not be able to muster the enthusiasm needed to give you a proper smile! ;)
  4. MissFit

    MissFit Senior Member

    The AE equivalent is half-ass or half-assed, which is a way to say half-way, half-hearted, incomplete, or lacking enthusiasm. I agree that in the case of a smile, it might be insincere or just lacking enthusiasm.

    Since you substituted asterisks in the thread title, I assume that you understand that it is a vulgar expression.
  5. ch01_kelly

    ch01_kelly Senior Member

    Thank you very much.:)

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