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Hi all,

today I just wrote this without giving it a second thought.

In German, if someone has lots of different animals, you say: "der hat einen halben Zoo" and I just translated it into english: "he has half a zoo".

Can you write/say this ? Is the phrase okay for a native speaker ?

  • VenusEnvy

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    Yes, it sounds fine to me! I've used it before.

    "Goodness, Jeff. How many pets do you have?! You have half a zoo in your living room!" :D


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    I think it sounds a little odd. I have said similar things before:
    He lives in a zoo! (he has many many pets)
    He practically has a zoo at his house! (he almost has enough pets for a zoo)

    I would simply say "he has a zoo" & leave out the 'half'