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Please, give synonyms to this definition:

But let's face facts — you all are a couple of half-bucket small-timers. (Bad Santa)

I guess this is slang, isn't it?
  • Deloris

    English USA
    Hi. Yes, it's slang, but "half-bucket" is not a fixed expression. Similar, common expressions include "half-baked," "half-assed" and "half-witted," and all of these terms signify "insufficient" in one capacity or another.


    Senior Member
    I would suppose so. I can only guess what it means as it doesn't seem like a common expression. It probably just is a reinforcer of "small-timer." They are really, two-bit small-timers. Not worth a penny at what they do and meaningless.


    Senior Member
    UK-Wales - English
    It's quite derogatory and yes, it is slang. Bucket can refer to women's genital parts or to mental retardedness so whatever meaning it is here it isn't exactly being nice. Small timers are losers.
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