"half fat half lean meat"


Dear all native speakers,

What word do you use to describe "half fat half lean meat"?

Your help would be highly appreciated
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    There is no general word for this. The phrase you have used is what we would use if speaking generally. Did you have a specific context in mind?


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    This sounds like a direct translation from Chinese. Char siu (or char siew - roast pork) can be 'lean', 'fatty' or 'half fatty and half lean'. I think 'half fatty and half lean' is used a fair bit now. In other contexts, people might talk about marbled meat - that term is more associated with beef.


    Glasguensis, natkretep. Sorry, I don't have a specific context in mind. I'm just looking for a general word for the phrase. Thank you guys.


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    If I saw "half fat, half lean meat" in a recipe, I would imagine two kinds of meat that were going to be used together (perhaps they would be minced up). Some kind of explanation, like nat's, would be necessary for someone like me who is unfamiliar with the sort of meat you are talking about.:)
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