Half of a billion or Half-of-a-billion?

  • ghotioutofh2o

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    American English
    I'd use 500 million.

    Otherwise, if you're set on using billion, while not very formal I don't think, I'd use "half a billion" or "a half billion." More context is needed to decide which.


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    We get students to write the words in their standard form:
    Thirty-five thousand, eight hundred twenty-five
    which is: 35,825
    Similarly Half-of-a-million which is 500,000.
    We were not sure if we should have hyphens in between those words.


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    As ghotioutofh2o said, you shouldn't have "of". It is "Half a million" or "a half million", with no hyphens. I would be more likely to write "five hundred thousand". "Half a million" is really an interpretation of 500,000, not actually the representation of the number in front of you in words.


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    mmm another academician here states that using the words without 'of' (half a billion instead of half of a billion) makes it a slang. Is that so?
    So now I have two questions:
    1) should we use a hyphen
    2) should we use the 'of'
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