Halte les boules puantes

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    Dans le journal en discutant les politiques, surtout la critique des candidats, on disait Halte les boules puantes. Pas tout a fait clair si c'est l'equivalent argotique en anglais de "mud slinging" mais je vois que c'est l'idee. Je voulais mieux comprendre le sens de cette expression.
  2. franc 91 Senior Member

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    It's the catchphrase at the moment - in a shop called farces et attrapes, you can buy this kind of stinkball to play a nasty trick on someone - and it's become part of the current political 'game'.
  3. archijacq Senior Member

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    "boule puante" is a stink bomb.
    Metaphorically, it refers to unsavory and embarrassing remarks/scandals.
  4. Michelvar

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    This must be a mistake, the right sentence must be "halte aux boules puantes".

    Boules puantes = stink bombs (here, it means "all the informations given to the public to give a bad image to the opponent").
    halte aux boules puantes = stop stink bombs! enough with stink bombs!
  5. Maine Frenchie Member

    Thank you. I appreciate understanding the term; now it makes sense "stink bomb". I couldn't figure out what the basis was for the boules reference.

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