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    Hello all,

    I am translating an article from English to Spanish that explains when to use certain types of microphones. The article basically explains the difference between using a hand-held microphone and a clip-on microphone. I need help translating the terms "clip-on microphone" and "hand-held microphone." I have some ideas that I found through a combination of google and past Spanish professors:

    1. hand-held microphone:
    - micrófono de bobina
    - micrófono de mano

    2. clip-on microphone
    - micrófono solapa
    - micrófono de corbata

    Do any of these sound right? Do you know what the terms are supposed to be? Thanks in advance!!
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    'Bobina móvil' is a technology that is normally applied to the 'micrófonos de mano' because it is robust and cheap, but it doesn't mean 'hand-held microphone'. It is as if you translate the English word 'taxi' as 'coche híbrido' because many taxi drivers in Spain use hybrid cars!
    My proposal would be 'micrófono de mano' and 'micrófono de solapa'. Check the last point of this page: Micrófono - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
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    Thank you so much!!
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    In my corner of the Spanish-speaking world we say:
    clip-on microphone = lavalier

    While some people might mistakenly believe thar lavalier is a brand, it really isn't.
    On the Spanish-language link jvillar provided, they do acknowledge the term lavalier but they wrote it with a capital L (probaby based on the incorrect assumption that it is a brand).
    Lavaliers are sold under many brands: One, Two, Three, Four

    Hope that helps.


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