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    Hola melissinda.
    A mi me gusta más marioneta, me resulta más familiar. Sin embargo una marioneta puede manejarse con las manos, con hilos, con palos de madera... y un guiñol sólo con las manos.
    Dependerá del tipo de traducción que quieras o puedas hacer.
    ¡Un saludo!


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    The puppets I am describing are solely moved by hands, they are not on strings. In english "marionet" is a puppet on strings, but hand puppet you move and make speak etc. with your hand. Would then guiñol be a better choice?


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    La mejor elección es guiñol, que como ha dicho Pepitogrillo89 es aquel muñeco que se maneja sólo con las manos.


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    But according to the dictionary, a “guiñol” is not a puppet, but a puppet show. I would say: “títere de mano” ,“títere de guante” (as in the article cited by sunce), or perhaps “títere de guiñol” (this one being my last choice).


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    So "títere de varilla” would be a better choice than "de mano". I posted it elsewhere on the boards, but I am trying to write directions for children to do hand puppets, the puppets they are using are all used by hand, and some of them use rods to move arms. If anyone is able to look through my other post with all the translation it may give a better idea of what the context is. Maybe just when I am referring to the use of the rods of the puppet I use "de varilla" and other times "de mano"?
    ¿Qué opinan?

    de nuevo, mil gracias por toda la ayuda!!
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