hand ranking (golf course)

Gretchen Göttin

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Spanish - Argentina
I am translating a text about golf course mantainance:
"In addition, just like with greens, a Sandpro can replace the hand ranking and increase efficiency very quickly."
(Sandpro is a grass cutting vehicule brand)
Apparently, it states that grass mantainance is far more efficient with a Sanpro than with regular machines.
I don't get exactly what "ranking" means in this context. I understand vehicles are a new option as opposed to manual work. But how is manual work a "ranking"?
  • dojibear

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    It seems like "to rank" has a specific meaning for golf course maintenance.
    That is not a general English meaning, so only someone who knows golf would know that meaning.

    My guess is that "ranking" relates to grass height. I know that each part of the golf course requires a certain height of grass. Greens are lowest. Fairways are higher. "The rough" is higher. There may be several other areas that I don't know about.

    So perhaps "hand ranking" means "cutting to the correct height, by hand". But I am not sure why "ranking" is done by hand with different machines, while the Sandpro does it automatically.


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    You rake sand traps. I imagine, like any modern mechanical machine, it can do it faster than a human being can. It's just a typo.

    Apparently SandPro is a brand name and they make all sorts of grooming equipment for golf courses, baseball fields, perhaps football field, etc. One job when maintaining golf courses is to rake sand traps. But it's apparently very versatile.

    It’s time to demand more from your bunker rake. With the exclusive Quick Attach System (QAS) offering tool-free, quick attachment change outs and over 25 valuable attachments, the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 are versatile utility vehicles with as many uses outside the bunker as in it. The Sand Pro 5040’s optional front QAS provides added flexibility and exclusive steerable front attachments for surgical precision. The Toro Sand Pro keeps bunkers in tournament condition every day.​

    bunker = sand trap