Hand tool genuine leather key chains

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  1. merchu Member

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    Hi! I'm translating a brochure that has the following sentence: "Hand tool genuine leather key chains in the comfort of your own home." I don't understand if HAND is the verb, can you help me? Thank you.
  2. bobobaby Banned

    USA English
    Tool is the verb. Hand means that it is done a mano.
    A tooled leather piece is created by first cutting a design into a piece of leather. Various tools are then used to create depressions in the leather to give various design elements a raised appearance.

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    Repuje a mano llaveros de cuero en su casa. "Repujar" es lo que se usa en Uruguay para "tooling of leather", las depresiones que menciona bobobaby.
  4. merchu Member

    argentina Spanish
    Thank you SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP to both of you. :)

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