handing over the things that make us who we are


In a future society, when human-like robots are part of people's everyday life, some people grow to hate them:
-- We're giving ourselves away, piece by piece. We're handing over the things that make us who we are, or maybe who we were. Our responsibilities. Our dignity. Look around. This place used to be full of people. (.........) Those people haven't just lost their jobs. They've lost their purpose.
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Does that mean -- "we hand our responsibilities, dignity, purpose over to the synths"? Thank you.
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    My main doubt was whether the object of "hand over" was "Our responsibilities. Our dignity.". So I hope I get it right! Thank you!


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    Sorry - it never occurred to me that you would not have read the sentence that way. (You bolded "purpose" in the original - that's not necessarily in the category with the responsibilities and dignity. As a result of handing over those other things they've simply lost their purpose.)


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    The object is "the things that make us who we are". Responsibilities and dignity are enumerations of these things (although I'd argue that logically, dignity isn't). There may or may not be other things.