handmade Italian bakery


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Again bakery!

This should be the headline of the advertising for Italian bakery prodducts.

the attention should be on the key word: Italian, natural, traditional, good...

Some attempts:
"Italian natural taste, every day for you"

"Handmade Italian bakery, every day on your table"

"the true taste of Italy on your t table"

what do you think? Any advice to adjust it?

thanks a lot,
  • gasman

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    "Handmade Italian bakery, every day on your table"

    If "bakery" were changed to "baking", it would make more sense.
    Hello Elisa,

    I don't like any of those.

    How about

    "Homestyle Italian bread and cakes, freshly baked for you."

    "Traditional Italian baking - fresh every day."

    Note - 'bakery' is the kitchen, not the food produced there.

    'Handmade' is generally used for things like pottery or jewelry. 'Home-made' is a useful word if the food is not mass-produced or you prepare the goods in your own bakery.

    Good luck,



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    Thanks Rover, it helps a lot! What do you guys think about:
    "Italian natural taste, fresh every day"
    "Every day, from the bakery to your table"??

    Thank you
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