1. Tyler_ynk New Member

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    Hi everyone,

    It sometimes is a pain in the a** to look for the name of something rare like, let's say, a music instrument.
    Have you ever heard of the 'hang drum' ? Yes ? It produces beautiful sounds but it's still not that popular. If not, you can now look it up on the internet and be mesmerized.

    Anyway, I would love to try one (that would be a good start) and maybe buy one later, but before that, I need to know what's the French for that thing.

    So, if anyone knows, please, PLEASE, tell me !!!

    Pitié !



    P.S.: ow, and if you manage to find the French equivalent with a single hand and in less than five minutes, please, PM me instead of letting everyone knows that I s***. Would really appreciate. Thanks. Or at least, don't mention that, or pretend that it took you so long that you lost the use of an eye. Too much ?
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  3. Gutenberg

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    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
    un hang (et ça vient de Suisse)
  4. Tyler_ynk New Member

    France / French
    Merci à vous !

    J'ai fait la même découverte peut après avoir fait cette demande et suis déçu qu'on dise simplement "hang" pour un hang drum.

    J'espère en tout cas avoir pu vous faire découvrir ce drôle d'instrument.

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