hang on hard

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Telly's been seeing a psychiatrist since here son's death. At one of the sessions:
TELLY: Jim [husband] says I have a death grip on the past.
Later, at one point, she can't find a cup of coffee besides her. She says she just had her coffee, but the doctor says she didn't, because he'd offered it to her but she refused.
DOCTOR: Last time, you had a cup. Memory slips.
TELLY: I didn't forget. I can still taste the coffee.
DOCTOR: You.. You smell my coffee, and you manufacture a memory, a taste. That's all. You do hang on hard.
The Forgotten, movie

Could you explain to me the "hang on"? Is it related to the "grip on the past"? Does he mean she hangs on to the memory of her having the coffee at the last session?
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