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  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

    American English
    Would someone please be able to give me the most general/popular way of saying "to hang out"? For instance, you and a couple of friends have nothing to do and are "hanging around" a place. Also, does context matter for this expression? For example: you are hanging out with nothing to do, you are hanging out talking, you are hanging out in a cafe etc...

    I was able to find one example however, it may not work in every case but seems pretty straight-foreward.
    Мы провели выходные, оттягиваясь в моей квартире.
  2. mirla Senior Member

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    Russia, Russian
    Or you could say Мы все выходные тусовались в моей квартире.

    Я тут потусуюсь, а ты пока сходи по своим делам (I'll stay here doing nothing in particular and you go and do what you have to do)

    There is a song by a Russian rapper Децл called Вечеринка (a party). At such a party people тусуются. And the party itself can be called тусовка, туса (turns up in the song).
  3. Budspok Senior Member

    Lübertsy, Russian Federation
    "ТусовАться" seems to be a bit out-dated, "оттЯгиваться" sounds better in that context.
  4. wdata

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    There is almost a calque from this expression: зависать. "Мы зависали у меня на квартире". I have feeling that both "тусоваться" и "оттягиваться" are related to the party things, while "зависать" is more related to kind of wasting the time, like, see some movies together, play cards when you have nothing to do.
  5. Ёж! Senior Member

    Maybe it's already the other way around? I know those things change so fast! :D

    I am not sure if the connotations of the Russian slang are similar to those of the American slang. I would translate the example simply with the word «слонялись»: «все выходные слонялись по квартире». This is a «разговорное» word, or even «просторечное», but not slang; first, the fashion for «просторечные» words doesn't change every five years, second, slang in Russia seems to gain lesser respect than in USA (maybe this is why it changes so fast). (And, of course, we are not yet told that the cited American expression is indeed a slang, not a vernacular).

    Of course, general answers for such queries are impossible. Different languages use different logics about what is important to say, what is not; so, every coincidence is casual, extremely much depends on the exact situation.
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  6. inerrant Member

    "Слонялись" means that these people were moving, walking somewhere without any purpose. So this word can't be used if they stayed at one place.

    "Зависали" is better if they stayed at one place, but I don't know whether it can be used to translate "hanging out talking".

    "Тусовались" and "оттягивались" mean that they were having a good time, e.g. at a party.
  7. Ёж! Senior Member

    Depends on what you mean by 'stay'. You can't be still inside a room, you sometimes move around, this is why «слонялись» is a good choice. There are lots of other options, like «все выходные торчали на квартире»; everything depends on the context. Anyway, the requirement to translate all examples with the same verb is silly, this is a direct key for making poor translations.
    The second means to me that they were having narcotics or a drink, or didn't, but are joking about these matters. The first bears the idea of constant non-directed movement, like in a party.
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  8. Boyar

    Boyar Senior Member

    Зависать/зависнуть is the best choice; I would add расслабляться / расслабиться, too.

    We were hanging out with nothing to do = Мы просто расслаблялись, ничего не делали.
    We decided to hang out in a cafe = Мы решили в кафе расслабиться.

    Your third phrase is a rather special one:
    We were hanging out talking = Мы просто сидели и болтали (о том, о сём).
  9. Ёж! Senior Member

    The only problem with it is that it's not universally understood. Some will understand, others will not. I definitely would think on hearing «мы зависали на квартире» that they were nervously waiting for something.
  10. Boyar

    Boyar Senior Member

    I would rather agree with your remark, Ёж! So, the most general/popular way of saying "to hang out" in Russian will be просто сидеть / просто так посидеть that fits obviously all cases.
    However, it is not so expressive as its English counterpart ... :)

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