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    In other words, there are mental blocks, some kind of psychological problems when it comes to intimacy. Hope this helps...


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    hang ups are things that stop you.
    for example, "he was really hung up on that girl" meant he was in love and was
    probably ignoring other important parts of his life.
    or, "we're hung up here" meaning, whatever we are doing, we can't complete for some reason.
    "he has sex hangups" maybe he can't do it.
    but the original phrase "IT has sex hangups. " THAT is odd. it? a dog? a horse?


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    lol! no, hang ups and hangovers have nothing in common.

    "hang ups" is a word charged with meaning.
    Didn't you see the rolled eyes. Silvia was being sarcastic. She knew full well what the discussion was about. :D :D :D :rolleyes:


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    Well, I'm afraid now you have to explain Lee, so I'll be sure of what we're talking about.
    On second thought. You could have a hangup if you had a hangover.L.O.L. :D :D :D


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    Such a very good teacher you are... ok, I'll look that up... and hopefully will find that out on my own, grumpf grumpf