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I know these expressions (by any chance/happen to) are polite ways to ask something..can i use them to follow up as well?
1. Did you get any progress on that project?
I think it sounds abit unpolite if you say this to your boss and it seems like I'm the boss:D

Would you say this or you have any other expressions to follow up?
2. did you happen to get any progress on that project or did you get any progress by any chance?
- Did you already make the payment by any chance?

I appreciate if you could correct me :)
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    Sentence 2 is an insult. It implies that you expected this person to make zero progress, and any progress "happened by chance" (happened because of luck). In other words "by any chance" and "happen to" aren't just polite phrases: they change the meaning.

    Would you say this or you have any other expressions?
    I would probably say "How are things going on project A?"

    Yes, that is vague. But the term "progress" is just as vague. When I worked in software I "made progress" every day, but it might take weeks to reach an actual milestone (having one part finished, tested, usable).

    Another question anyone might ask is "Are you running into any problems on project A?"


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    I got what you mean that the progress might happen because of luck
    But What if the term of (following up) to remind your boss on the project or customer for the payment?
    I was wondering what native speakers would naturally say..

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