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    Phil Fish has apologized on numerous occasions for his remark, including to Goto. He's made amends. He doesn't hate Japan or Japanese games. He stuck his foot in his mouth. Happens to the best of us. But out of that inelegant statement, Goto didn't become bitter or spiteful.

    Source: Japanese Games "Just Suck" Target Has a Message for Phil Fish: Thank You

    Background:A game critic wrote an article about why Japanese games suck - stale gameplay, uncreative design, poor localization. It stirred up some backlash among gamers, and the critic expressed regret for his sweeping remark on a few occasions. The article certainly didn't make for good reading among Japanese game developers. A year after the controversy, Goto, a Japanese programmer apparently couldn't let go of it. He met the critic at a conference and thanked him for the honest opinions. He claimed he had taken the criticism and turned it into motivation.

    Does "It happens to the best of us" mean "It happens to us even when we're very conscious of what we're saying/keeping ourselves on our toes?
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    The idea is that it's a kind of accident. It hits those with the best character and intentions as it does anyone else. The implication is that from "X happened to person P" you can't infer, "Something's wrong with person P or his efforts." X, here, is 'putting one's foot in one's mouth'*; P, here, is Fish.

    *here, making a rude generalization.
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    It's a common expression.

    "I'm really sorry you lost your job, but it's nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to the best of us."
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    He stuck his foot in his mouth. Happens to the best of us. -> more fully, "It happens even to the best of us." = He stuck his foot in his mouth. Nobody is exempt from this happening to them.
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    Thanks for your responses. I understand what it means now. It means not even a saint/ historical finest could be exempt from saying something stupid that might offend people.

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