Happy anniversary

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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect

I went to my uncle’s anniversary party (wedding), I wonder if I can say:

Happy anniversary.

Thanks a lot

I asked this question because I heard someone say this in a TVB serial (TVB is from HK) and I am curious whether it sounds natural. I once was told “Merry Halloween” and it turned out to be a mistake. :)
  • xuliang

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    Chinese Mandarin
    Hi, all , what should I say to a new couple who were married not long ago. I may say this on their wedding day or not long after their wedding day.

    "Happy marriage (to you)!"
    Does this sound odd? What would you native speakers say?
    Thank you.


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    U.S. English
    "Congratulations on your union" sounds rather formal. I'd expect to see it written in a card, maybe. If this is something you are planning to say to the couple in person, I'd just say "Congratulations." They will know what you're talking about. :)
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