Happy Birthday for yesterday

fille anglaise

I'm writing to my Japanese penpal and want to say "Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sorry this is late!"

I know happy birthday is "O tanjōbi omedeto gozaimasu!" but I don't know how to say "for yesterday". Also, please could you tell me if "Sumimasen okoneteiru desu" is right for "Sorry this is late"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    Hi Anglaise,
    I think you can say "Osokunatte sumimasen" or "okureteshimatte gomennasai" for "sorry this is late." S/he won't mind, it's only a day! I'm sometimes a month late in my greetings ... so I say "Taihen osokunatteshimatte gomen ne!"


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    Like erick said.."osokunatte sumimasen" it´s appropriate for this situation,

    it´s not a big deal, you know to send the greeting one day after the special ocasion...japanese men take 1 or 2 months for deciding to reply...


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    "Happy Birthday for yesterday!" can be "昨日はたんじょうびおめでとう" (kinō-wa tanjōbi omedetō).

    Kinō-wa is Yesterday-TOPIC, that is, "Speaking of yesterday."

    just wondering how you got the pritty macron.

    fille anglaise

    Arigato! I'd already sent the message, but it's interesting to know how to say it, and I'm sure this won't be the last time I send her late greetings! ;)

    I got the macron by choosing Symbol from the Insert menu in Microsoft Word, and choosing the one I wanted, and then I copied and pasted that from there into the message. I'm not sure if there's a keyboard shortcut for macrons or not.


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    kinou ha, otanjyoubi omedetou gozaimasu.

    osokunatte douzo sumimasen.

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