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    English and US

    I don't speak a word of Portuguese, but I am trying to make a birthday CD for a very special friend of mine, and I am wondering if anyone can help me find the Portuguese version of Happy Birthday, so that I can practice and sing it for her on her birthday.

    Which brings me to the next question, is it the same universal happy birthday song that many other countries use?

    I found the lyrics on this website for the song, but I am just wondering if those lyrics fit into the same universal song/melody...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

  2. Hello gohgoh31. Welcome to the forum. Yes, the lyrics fit into the same universal melody. If you want you can check out a similar thread about this here.

    Hope to have been of help.

  3. Muñequita

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    Argentina, Castellano
    Hi gohgoh31. I agree with Chris, there's an universal happy birthday melody and all the lyrics fit well in it no matter the language.

    I've found this lyrics for brazilian Portuguese

    Parabéns pra você
    Nesta data querida

    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida!

    I`ve also checked the link that Chris gave you so I suppose you will find everything else you need to know there.

    I also think it would be a good idea to start a new thread with all the different versions of the Happy Birthday song according to each country. I`ll give you the one we use here in Argentina:

    Que los cumpla felíz
    Que los cumpla felíz
    Que los cumpla ____ (the name of the person)
    Que los cumpla felíz!
  4. Ediroa

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    Spanish Spain
    Ok, this is what we sing in Spain:

    Cumpleaños feliz,
    Cumpleaños feliz,
    te deseamos todos,
    cumpleaños feliz

    Bien!!!!! Clap, clap, clap ;)
  5. moura

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    Portuguese Portugal
    Next to this verses:

    Parabéns pra você
    Nesta data querida
    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida!

    You may add these:

    Hoje é dia de festa
    cantam as nossas almas
    para o menino... (menina...)
    uma salva de palmas
  6. Ricardo Tavares Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    Português - Brasil
    In Ecuador:
    First they sing the English lyrics (with a terrific accent)
    Then they go:
    Cumpleaños feliz,
    Deseamos a tí,
    Cumpleños (nombre de la persona + tito/tita),
    cumpleaños feliz !

    In Brazil:
    Parabéns pra você
    Nesta data querida
    Muitas felicidades
    Muitos anos de vida!

    You may also add these:
    Com quem será ?, (with whom ?)
    Com quem será ?,
    Com quem será que (might - the birthday gay's name)
    vai casar ? (get married ?)

    Vai depender (it will depend on)
    Vai depender "
    Vai depender "
    Se (name of someone who the birthday guy is interested in) vai querer (if he/she will want to).

    All these songs with the international melody.

    something like this ... Sounds horrible in English ...
  7. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
  8. thiago_bagua Member

    Auckland, New Zealand
    Portuguese Brazil
  9. anthi

    anthi New Member

    greek / Greece
    hello friends!
    well, this is my second post to the forum so if I make any mistakes quoting, please forgive me. I have added the greek song to the thread that Chris mentions.
    As for the question if the melody is the same all around the world, I am not sure. In Greek the melody is different and as far as I know the meaning also differs a little. Maybe there are differences in other languages as well. Maybe it also has to do with birthady celebration. In general, in many countries traditionally (according to christian religion) people did not celebrate the birthday but the nameday. So if the birthday song is a recent "invention", this is probably the reason why most songs are similar.
    Just a few thoughts that crossed my mind after reading the forum ... nothing that has to be answered.
    And happy birthday! (to whom it may concern)
  10. anthi

    anthi New Member

    greek / Greece
  11. Brasileño Senior Member

    Maceió - Brazil
    Portuguese - Brazil
    Essa é outra canção de aniversário do Brasil

    Chegou a hora de apagar a velinha,
    Vamos cantar, aquela musiquinha,
    Parabéns pra você, Parabéns pra você
    Pelo seu aniversário
    Que Deus lhe dê,
    Muita Saúde e paz
    E que os anjos digam amem
    Parabéns pra você, Parabéns pra você
    Pelo seu aniversário

    É pic, é pic, é pic....
    É hora, é hora, é hora
    Rá, tim, bum.... Nome, nome, nome
  12. aabbcccarballo New Member

    galician galicia(spain)
    I don´t speak portuguese, but I speak a language very similar to it and I think that the song has the same melody to the general ´happy birthday´
    I´d like to have the lirics to make sure that in portuguese is the same as galician.

    Atenção! Por favor leia as regras que ficam na parte de cima do fórum.
    A Moderadora
  13. Vanda

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    aabbcccarballo, Welcome to WR foruns!

    All variations of the lyrics are already answered in this thread: Portuguese, Brazilian, including an All languages link.

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