happy birthday to (a) wonderful you

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Russkiy Bear

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I've seen this here and there with and without the indefinite article.

I think it should be "happy birthday to wonderful you"

I'm not talking about birthday cards. No need to mind the amount of space. It's not sign or headline. I'm talking about grammar here
There's nothing new to modify the pronoun to justify the presence of the article. Meet the new me (I'm all that different now) or meet another me (someone who looks like me) These 2 work. Meet a new me? Ehhhh Weird I think. But a wonderful you it doesn't sound all that different to put an article before it and it opens the possibility of being a few wonderful you

What's the correct one?
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Both are correct. The version without "a" is commoner.

    You, and some other pronouns, can be used as a noun and, as a noun, should be understood as "the person that you are."
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