Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece!

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  1. HappyLady New Member

    ....so I guess I'll post it here. :)

    How do you say in Spanish, "Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece! You are very special to me!"

    If I have put this in the wrong forum, Im sorry.
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    Hi Happy Lady,

    Your post should be in the Spanish-English forum. I've asked one of the Mods to move it there for you.

    Please come back to the English-Only forum if you ever have a question about English--or perhaps, to answer questions about English! :)

    Moderator note: the thread has been moved to Spanish-English: General Vocabulary. Please also be sure to use the word or phrase you'd like to discuss as the thread title; I've changed it. Thanks.
  3. O rainbowbrite O Member

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    It would be:

    Feliz cumpleaños a mi sobrina hermosa. Tú eres muy especial para mí.

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