Happy Birthday


Austria, German
Is there a funny way to wish happy birthday?

This means happy birthday: "Wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu urodzin"? (just to make sure)
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    Yes, it does (lit.: "All the best on your birthday").

    As for a funny way , I guess it depends on the sense of humour of that person...

    I'd say "Sto lat, sto lat, niech żyje nam!" is pretty safe - the first line of a well-known birthday song ("A hundred years, a hundred years, let (him/her) live!"). It's not THAT funny but hey, you can still expect a smile on his (her?) face.


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    There are many wishes in the form of poems...
    My favorite one:
    "Zdrowia, szczęścia, pomyślności. Piwa, wódki i miłości. Miłych dni, ciekawych wrażeń i spełnienia wszystkich marzeń."

    It means sth like that:
    Health, luck, flourishing. Beer, vodka and love. Nice days, curious impressions and fulfilment all of your dreams.