Happy Christmas

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    Please, how do I pronounce this? My employee is leaving in about 15 minutes to return home for Christmas, it would make me very happy to be able to tell her this before she goes!

    Sorry: Wesolych Swiat (without accents)
    Too late, I guess.
    Here's an approximate pronunciation (read as if you were German):
    Wesołych Świąt - wessouych schwiont

    I hope I haven't insulted any Polish members. :D



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    I can't read German but here's how I would transcribe it phonetically into English
    Wesołych Świąt : vessowyh shfiont (read y and i as in lyric)

    You may use Polish speach synthisizer if you are stiil unsure.

    Thanks Jana! It was too late, but I said it anyway, the way it looks, and I only had to repeat it once before she realized what I was trying to say (that's not too bad)! She speaks about 5 words of French, no German, no English (and no Turkish, not surprisingly), so our communication is more than limited.

    She did give me a big smile for the effort, though!
    Thank you anyway!


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    In English, we say "Merry Christmas", not "Happy Christmas", though English speakers would understand what you mean.
    They use Happy Christmas in England, at least some people do, as far as I know.


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    Looking for this expression, and thought it may be useful again.

    In England we usually say "Happy Christmas" but if we are including greetings for the new year, then it would be "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!", (never the other way around!!! ;)

    So Merry Christmas everyone, and have a very Happy New Year!!!!

    Wesolych Swiat!. :)