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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by hmoulding, May 13, 2007.

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    I'd guess Mother's Day would be something like "okaasan'no hi" but I don't know if that's right. I also don't know how to make the phrase "happy (whatever)". There are phrases like konbanwa or konnichiwa which seem to suggest a form of "kon (something) wa" for saying "good (something)", but I suspect that doesn't give me a clue for happy mother's day.

    I came across "haha nohi omedeto" as a translation. Apparently haha also means mother. When do you use which word? Does omedeto really make it "happy mother's day" or is it an idiom that actually means something different?

    Why is the translation written as haha nohi? Shouldn't it be hahano hi, instead, at least if you're going to attach the particle to something? Would that be an error on the part of the translator, or is there something I'm missing about romaji conventions?

    I can write that in hiragana, but I suspect that some of the words would be written with kanji, which I haven't started learning, yet. What would those be?
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    Hi hmoulding. Welcome to the forum. :)

    The translation is correct. "Happy Mother's Day" is 母の日おめでとう (haha no hi omedetou) in Japanese.

    Haha is a bit formal word and implies modesty on the part of the speaker; Okaasan is a casual expression.

    Omedetou basically means "Congratulations!"

    I don't know about the romaji conventions, but I think "haha no hi omedetou" would be a better alternative.
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    I forgot to mention this:

    You can say, "Okaasan, Haha no hi omedetou!" (Mom, Happy Mother's Day!).
    Note that we don't say "haha" to our own mother. When we refer to our own mother in a formal context, we use "haha" instead of "Okaasan".
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    Thanks, Brave Heart.

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