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''This is the place where the child is happy playing.''
Read this in an article. Is this grammatically correct. What does it mean exactly? I cant get it.
  • Cagey

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    Hello Amir.

    What is the title of the article? If you know the name of the author, please tell us. We like to know the name of the source of any quotation.

    I agree with grassy's explanation. Does it answer your question? If it doesn't, what do you think might not be grammatically correct?

    Hermione Golightly

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    It’s easy to write a correct sentence which has no meaning. This sentence sounds very unlikely. Why the place and the child and not a place and a child? Why not ‘children’ and why use the simple present tense? When we know the circumstances of the sentence we can understand the thought and meaning then decide if it has been correctly expressed.