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My cousin complained to me that she doesn't look pretty, doesn't have a good job, etc. And I said:

You have many considerate friends and you have great parents, you have many things that others don't have, you're very happy.

(I know that "happy" basically means "delighted, glad", but I don't want to use its meaning in this context, I want to say express the meaning which "happiness" usually conveys, "contentment, well-being", etc". Maybe my description is not clear but the context helps a lot, I hope everyone can help.)

Thanks a lot
  • -mack-

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    You definitely can't use the word happy here. You could say fortunate, blessed, lucky, well-off ​or something similar.


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    Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
    So, should it be:

    You are very fortunate.
    You are very blessed.
    You are very lucky.
    You are very well-off.

    (I guess 2 and 4 don't work. If so, how should I rephrase it? Thanks a lot)
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