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  1. Kasp Senior Member

    Hello everyone. I would like to know the difference between harbor and port/seaport because in Spanish it is PUERTO for both, isn't it?
  2. riscman Senior Member

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    Harbour is a sheltered place out of the swing of the sea. A port has a harbour but also has buildings and services.
  3. Chez Senior Member

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    De acuerdo con riscman.

    I'd say, usually, you think of a port as a large commercial enterprise, with docks and warehouses and communications inland; and a harbour can be as small as a tiny cove in Cornwall, for example, with two rowing boats in it (although there are also small ports and large harbours, of course!)
  4. Kasp Senior Member

    Thanks!!!!!! a lot!!!
    Now, do you know the translation of these words? or it is "puerto" for both?
  5. doloresmr Senior Member

    "puerto" is any man-made port or harbor, whether large or small. Even yacht marinas are called "puerto". If it's a natural inlet, harbor or shelter, then it's definitely not a "puerto".
  6. ptak30

    ptak30 Senior Member

    Hay muchas palabras como, rada, cala, etc pero "ensenada" puede ser lo más cerca a "harbour" (sinonimo seno!)
  7. rogeb Senior Member

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    I heard that one of these was a handmade place and the other was natural, can it be right??.

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