hard disk with gargantuan amount of storage

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    A hard drive can only store a specific amount of data. The "amount of storage" describes how many gigabytes or terabytes of information the disk can store. "Gargantuan" means an enormous amount. Therefore, the sentence here means that external hard drives nowadays come with enormous storage capacities.


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    All hard drives, as far as I know, have some amount of storage capacity. Therefore, saying "hard drives with storage" seems kind of repetitive.

    "Hard drives with a lot of storage [capacity]" means "hard drives that have a lot of storage [capacity]".

    Uncle Jack

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    Of course you wouldn't say "hard drive with storage"; what else is a hard drive for?
    However, if you are using an adjective (gargantuan), you need to say what property of the hard drive it refers to. My laptop only takes a 2½" drive, so I wouldn't expect a gargantuan one to fit.:)

    "Storage" when used of memory devices usually means storage capacity. If you want to refer to the amount of data stored or the amount of free space, you usually say so.
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