harden into a pit


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I hang up and my stomach hardens into a pit. What have I done? Annie may want me to risk my heart, but she needs to know what’s happening. I’m going to dinner with her boss tomorrow night, and she doesn’t have a clue.

Quote Me by Lori Nelson Spielman

What does stomach hardens into a pit mean?
Please help. Thank you.
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    It is clearly a figure of speech. The emotion produced by the conversation causes the narrator to feel a muscular tension in her abdomen. The sensation is like having her stomach turn into something hard, like the pit at the center of a peach or an avocado.


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    Just to be absolutely clear, the sense of 'pit' here is not the usual one (a hole in the ground) but the much more specialised one referring to the stone you get in the middle of some fruit.
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