hardworking vs hard-working


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Malaysia English
Where I live "hardworking" is spelled as one word. I have referred to my dictionary, which states that it is American English.

We are learning British English, yet all our teachers are spelling the word the American way.

I wonder if the British spell it as one word or hyphenate the word.

  • I would naturally write "hard-working", but if you Google "hardworking", you'll see British papers using it; I found The Daily
    Mirror, The Spectator and The Guardian using it as one word, and it doesn't surprise me to see it written like that. Most American cultural influences find their way here sooner or later.
    And I have observed that Merriam Webster is much quicker in joining compound and hyphenated words than the OALD. For example, sugarcane and schoolbag are single words in MW but not in the OALD.