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hello everyone, here's my question.

"Our Little Harmonica' doesn't seem to have that problem."

Does the word 'Harmonica' mean a name of a musical instrument or a hypocorism for `Monica'? Can I use "Harmonica" as a pet name for other people?
thanks a lot!

It's from a transcript of an episode of the American sitcom <Friends> written by Marta Kauffman & David Crane,transcribed by guineapig.

Mrs. Geller: Well, at least she had the chance to leave a man at the altar
Monica: What's that supposed to mean?
Mr. Geller: Don't listen to your mother. ..... and I thank God 'Our Little Harmonica' doesn't seem to have that problem.
  • Gwan

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    A harmonica is, of course, a musical instrument, but here I think they're playing on the fact that it ends with 'monica' to use it as a nickname.

    You can use essentially any word (even a made-up word) as a nickname for someone, whether or not they will like it is another question!


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    Thank you for the excellent context, wjb. :thumbsup:

    In that series, Monica's father refers to her as his "harmonica" as a pet name, as Gwan suggests. It is idiosyncratic; I wouldn't use if for other people.

    And welcome to the forum!
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