harnachés à l’envi


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Hello, I've read all the threads concerning the very debatable "à l’envi", but I'm still having trouble with the translation of it in the following context (excerpt from an art book about horses):

"Ces peintures aux couleurs vives et tranchées relatent des combats, des guerres survenues au cours du dernier millénaire. Cavaliers et montures, harnachés à l’envi,
remportent majestueusement les batailles."

Thanks in advance for your help.
  • coup de pouce

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    à l'envi = mieux les uns que les autres (très littéraire)
    harnaché = équipé (surtout pour des chevaux, mais aussi pour les cavaliers si ils portent un lourd équipement)


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    over-equipped? (I'd say that if the source is recent, there might well be something derogatory in "harnachée", it makes it sounds like too much)


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    Thanks to you both for your input, I realize this is not an easy expression. However, I'm still not able to come up with an accurate translation. If someone could please help with the translation I would be ever so grateful...


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    '.. horses and riders, each decked and caparisoned better than the next'. It's fairly archaic, but I think it is a reasonable translation.
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