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harsh / rough (when talking about a person)

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by Kirja, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Kirja Senior Member

    Je cherche une traduction pour les mots harsh/rough. Mais le truc c'est que je voudrais trouver un mot qui ne veut pas forcement dire que la personne est mal élevé où méchant mais tout bonnement un peu rude et franc.

    Un tel mot existe-t-il?

    Merci :)!
  2. guillaumedemanzac

    guillaumedemanzac Senior Member

    English - Southern England Home Counties
    as a noun, there is "un abruti" - a rough brutal person with no manners.
    Harsh in English would be something done or a tone of voice or behaviour or a decision made (not for a person): That was a harsh decision/ He treated his children very harshly/ He had a harsh, abrupt way of speaking/I think he treated her harshly - she was only 12.
  3. Kirja Senior Member

    D'accord, mais je crois que un abruti est un mot un peu trop dur dans cet cas. Est-ce qu'il y a des expressions qui n'ont pas un sens assez "grave" que cela? Ce que j'essai d'exprimer est que la personne ne suit pas l'étiquette trop soigneusement mais qu'il n'est pas une mauvaise personne.
  4. frenchifried Senior Member

    English - UK/US
    Peut-être abrasif/ve; rude(pas dans le sens anglais); grossier/ère?
  5. S.M.

    S.M. Senior Member

    French. France.
    Abruti rather means stupid, idiot, in its informal use. You would also say être abruti de travail, de sommeil, etc. to mean you're overwhelmed by it, like staggered. Avoid it to translate harsh anyway.
    Abrasif would'nt usually be used for a human being, it's used only in its literal sense (du papier abrasif for example).

    Grossier is good for your purpose, or mal léché (it refers to bears!:) You would say Untel est un ours mal léché.) Be careful with grossier though, it can be understood as: bound to swear.
    Rude can mean both: not that polite, or unkind. It could do too.

    but I wonder if we wouldn't rather use a negative turn: peu raffiné, mal dégrossi (=pejorative), peu civilisé, discourtois, sans manières; or some circumlocution: qui ne s'embarrasse pas des manières, relâché dans ses manières. So, well, obviously I can't get it easily!
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  6. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Ce fil du Forum Français Seulement pourrait vous donner des idées.
  7. S.M.

    S.M. Senior Member

    French. France.
    Well I've just checked out the link provided by Wildan, and at last I found the word I was looking for! Rustre is exactly what you mean.

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