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Hi all,

Some classes/subjects in school are "harshly graded": no matter how hard you work, you won't get above a certain grade.

I'm wondering how to express this idea in Chinese? The first thing that comes to mind is 嚴厲的科目 but as far as I know 嚴厲 is often used with people, e.g. 嚴厲的教練. Another alternative is 很難的科目 but i feel like there must be a better translation :/

Any help is appreciated - thanks!
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    评分 is fine. It's just more formal.

    Actually when it comes to college exams, I think 评分 is a more accurate word because it only means "giving grades". 改分, shortened from 批改分数, literally involves giving comments (批), correcting the mistakes (改) and finally giving grades. Obviously most college teachers and professors in China won't bother to comment on your answers. But that's how we use the word - to mean "grading" only sometimes.

    Edit: wow, it seems Simon and I agree a lot on this!
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