harvest picnic

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What is a harvest picnic?
I looked it up on a dictionary.
It is kind of festival.

But I want to know more than that.
What kind of festival is it?
What activities are held normally?

Thank you for your help. :)
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    It is a picnic (modern meaning = informal meal held in the open air) held at harvest-time (European agricultural tradition = the time when wheat and other cereals are cut, in late summer).

    Originally a harvest picnic was informal: all the harvesters took their food into the field to eat and drink together* when the work was done (original meaning of picnic = a meal where each person brings their own part, to share with others). Then it became formalised, perhaps organised by the landowner or by the church. It has various names: harvest festival, harvest home, harvest supper... Food, drink and music are usual ingredients; games and dancing are common.

    [* other activities too: see Laurie Lee's autobiography Cider with Rosie, where he has his first sexual experience under a hay-wagon.]
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