Harzadous material release/releases

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  1. Ayane12

    Ayane12 New Member

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    Español, Colombia
    Hi there, quick question. In the sentence below should it be release or releases?

    Welcome to Spill Control, the study of the regulation of accidental hazardous materials releases.

  2. AquisM Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Lo que me suena mejor es ... accidental release of hazardous materials. Puestos al final de la frase, no me suenan natural ni releases ni release.
  3. Cenzontle

    Cenzontle Senior Member

    English, U.S.
    Espero que responda algún experto en la materia, pero en el entretanto...
    A mí me suena bien "...releases". Son incidencias individualizadas, accidentes "contables".
    "Release" como sustantivo en singular, me suena más bien como una práctica planeada, no accidental.
  4. geostan

    geostan Senior Member

    English Canada
    De acuerdo con AquisM!
  5. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    American English
    I like releases better. And I think that "accidental hazardous materials releases" is more in keeping with how these things are referred to in this area.

    "accidental release of hazardous materials" is better English, but good English often does not prevail in technical fields.

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