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    I'm struggling with finding the right tense. Can someone tell me how to say the following

    Apparently it has been eaten since the Byzantine times. (I'm talking about Koulouria)

    'προφανώς τα έτρωγαν από τους βυζαντινούς χρόνους' is my best attempt. But I don't think that's right! Help!
  2. Perseas Senior Member

    I think "τα έτρωγαν" is fine.
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    The sentence 'προφανώς έχει φαγωθεί από τους βυζαντινούς χρόνους' is not right for the meaning intended. It means that someone ate it during the Byzantine period and it stopped there. In fact as it is in the singular, the meaning is that someone, sometime ate a koulouri (or this koulouri) during the Byzantine period. If you said 'προφανώς έχουν φαγωθεί από τους βυζαντινούς χρόνους' that would mean that back then, someone ate all the koulouria available. Here the passive past perfect describes an action that was concluded in the past. But keep in mind the following:

    You can say
    Προφανώς έχει να φαγωθεί από τους βυζαντινούς χρόνους.
    The tiny little να changes all the meaning, as the sentence now means that noone has eaten koulouria since the Byzantine period.

    Now what you are looking for is the verb in the present or the imperfect to express the idea of duration. The sentence
    Προφανώς τρώγονται/τρώγονταν από τους βυζαντινούς χρόνους.
    is a valid alternative to what KaterinaWard wrote.

    As for the idiomatic meaning, you guessed right.
    The construction
    έχω/έχεις/έχει φαγωθεί + aorist subjunctive means that someone wants really bad to do something, insists on doing something (implying that others do not agree with him/her on this)
    Εγώ δεν θέλω , αλλά η Μαρία έχει φαγωθεί να πάμε.
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    Ah, thank you very much, Tasso!

    It's all clear now:)!

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