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hi!, i was helping a friend with a writing and she wanted to say (esta abierto desde 1993 for those who speak in spanish) and i told her that she had to put "it has been open since 1993" and it led to a terrible discusion because she said it was "it has been openED since 1993" and i hadn't been able to sleep since then because i'm sure that it is "it has been open"... can u help me... tell me if i'm right or wrong and if i'm right how can i explain that to her
thanks in advance:)
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums. :)

    You are right. It should be "open" because you are referring to the state of whatever it is and not to the action of opening it. "Open" here is an adjective and not part of a passive voice construction.

    On another note, please use standard English when you compose your posts. I can tell your English is good enough for you to be able to do so. :)

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    I would offer that if talking about a business concern, or a premises one can say either
    it was opened in 1993
    it has been open since 1993
    (I would prefer the first one)

    This is the English Only forum, miki, and so for an exact understanding of the Spanish phrase, you need to ask on the Spanish/English forum.

    Sorry I cannot help.