has come/comes

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Grandmere Clarice has come/comes from and old and rich family

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    Yan0209. Perhaps you have not understood the guidelines for this forum which you can find in The Quick Guide to English Only. We need context. Did you write this yourself? What is the situation in which you want to say this? Both could be right - it depends on what you are trying to say.


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    This is from an exam question.
    "I'll be in Osaka when he ( ) to Tokyo."
    1. will come
    2. comes
    3. will have come
    4. has come

    I think the correct answer is 2, but I wonder 4 is also correct. Or maybe 4 is better.
    1 and 3 are wrong, because we don't use the future tense in a subordinate clause.
    2 seems the most simple answer.

    However, I'm thinking that 4 may have the connotation:
    "I'll be in Osaka by the time he comes to Tokyo. " ...5
    "I'll be in Osaka by the time he has come to Tokyo." ...6

    Is 4 or 5 or 6 correct?
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