has never danced before - reported speech

  • Thanks, but my questions is? Report speech " He had never danced before" is the same or change?
    I know meaning that sentences. Thanks again for your help and correct me all mistakes
    It's not really reported speech. Example of reported speech:
    "What time is it?"

    He asked me what time is was.

    Your example:"He had never danced before"
    is the past perfect tense in English. It relates two things that happened in the past.
    "He was awkward on the dancefloor because he had never danced before."

    "He had never danced before" can't stand on its own without some contrast with something else that happened.

    Hope this helps. This is my favorite subject :)
    I agree with BBGirl because I guess if you want to say the same as a reported speech sentence then you may have to add some words. For example,

    "He said he had never danced before"

    Then, you can see it's definitely reported speech. But I strongly believe your original sentence is just a description of somebody's activity. It's just a past perfect tense sentence.

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