has reduced inventory held/holding time

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    More recently, many companies have moved to just-in-time production, which has reduced inventory ____ time not just to a few days but to a few hours.

    (A) hold (B) held (C) holding (D) to hold


    The above is a difficult test question, and I tend to choose (B). But it can be C. Which would you choose? And what is the general idea of this sentence? Thanks.
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  2. sdgraham

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    I don't see where the word is supposed to go (at least on my computer) but I suspect the sentence is looking for "inventory holding time."

    I can see, however, that "inventory-held" might be used in the context.

    As a side note, anyone inflicting that kind of test question on learners should be neutralized, in my opinion.
  3. jesusguime Banned

    Thanks, Sdgraham.

    Sorry for the error! I've corrected it.
  4. Dimcl Senior Member

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    I agree with SGD... this is bordering on the ludicrous.:(

    Since there is no doubt that (D) is not an option, theoretically, any of the other three could be used. Aside from (B) and (C), I could also imagine business-specific-jargon such as (A) ("hold-time").
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    If one is familiar with logistics jargon—I spent two decades using it—then the answer is instantly clear. SGD has provided it. This question should not be used for the general public.

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