...has started offering nocturnal dialysis..


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National Kidney Foundation has started offering nocturnal dialysis for the convenience of patients.

The above is from a letter to me from National Kidney Foundation.

Is "nocturnal" correctly used? Shouldn't it be "nightly"? Thanks.
  • SwissPete

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    "Nocturnal" is understandable, but I would use "overnight".

    I understand "nightly" as "taking place every night", which may not be the case for dialysis.

    Hermione Golightly

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    I read nocturnal as meaning 'at night' or during 'the night'. We know that dialysis won't be needed every night. A working person might be pleased to be able to get some medical procedure done at night instead of having to fit it in to the day.


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    This is one of those situations where no entirely correct word comes up, so you use the one with the least problems. "Nocturnal" is a bit poetic, but is right. "Nightly" suggests every night. I suppose you could say "nighttime".


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    I don't know whether the phrase is used in medical English, but it seems to me to be a pompous way of saying dialysis at night.
    There are phrases like nocturnal polyuria, but this is well documented.

    RedwoodGrove's suggestion of nighttime dialysis is a good one.
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